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Louis’ paintings suggest a fragmented environment, transposing elements from a variety of sources. He appropriates imagery from cinema and television history, as well as video pieces he has produced himself. He uses his own body as a voluntary characterisation within his compositions. The work attempts to detail contemporary and archaic media representations by way of revealing their inherent ambiguities.

He is currently studying for his MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths. Louis has recently expanded his exploration of themes such as memory and nostalgia in live performance and sign fabrication. Currently investigating how public information signs may articulate behaviours collectively and consciously. His fabrication of signs responds to his motivation to undermine and intervene in some way to form a new understanding of our public spaces. 




Louis Jeck Prestidge was born in London in 1988 and has lived in Liverpool since 1995. As a child Louis played a lot of sport; Golf being his biggest hobby. Although both parents were and still are practicing artists in their own right, Louis did not find his place within the creative environment straight away.


Cinema was a big part of his childhood. Being a very shy and anxious child the movies were a way of exploring disparate cultures as well as discovering that other people viewed the world in similar ways and shared his sensibility for it. 


Louis graduated from Wirral Met College in 2017 with a Fine Art degree. Much of his practice develops upon the relationship between cinema and our personal history, contesting the way it influences our behaviour. Louis uses painting as a way of collaborating found digital images with his tactile use of mark making. The paintings often arise from stills off his own films as well as cropped images from post war cinema.

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