Louis Jeck Prestidge was born in London in 1988 and has lived in Liverpool since 1995. As a child Louis played a lot of sport; Golf being his biggest hobby. Although both parents were and still are practicing artists in their own right Louis took time to find his place within the creative environment. As well as sport, Cinema was a big part of his childhood. Being a very shy and anxious child the movies were a way of understanding the world and for Louis it unlocked a new world of diverse culture. 


Louis graduated from Wirral Met College in 2017 with a Fine Art degree. Much of his practice contests the relationship between cinema and our personal history, contesting the way it influences our behaviour. Louis uses painting as a way of collaborating found digital images with his tactile use of mark making. The paintings often arise from stills off his own films as well as cropped images from post war cinema.  He is currently looking to study an MA in Fine Art either in Manchester or London. 

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